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4-H and Youth Development

Environmental Laws Impacting Farmers and Ranchers

  • Environmental Laws Impacting Farmers and Ranchers
    The United States attempts to handle environmental problems primarily by regulating the use of natural resources. In many ways this affects farmers and ranchers. This publication discusses the various federal regulatory approaches that have been implement

Health and Safety


  • Control Those Ticks
    For information on tick behavior, how to remove, and how to protect yourself and control ticks.

Plant and Tree

Rangeland Watershed Management for Texans

  • Are Your Pastures Healthy?
    The productivity of rangeland is closely tied to the amount of moisture captured when it rains and the presence of desirable plant species to use that moisture. Learn where your rainfall goes, how to determine pasture health, and how to maintain healthy r
  • Are Your Streams Healthy?
    It is important to monitor the health of the streams on your property. A photo guide in this publication helps you determine the stability of stream banks and spot problems that might cause erosion and other water quality problems.
  • Increasing Bare Ground Indicates Poor Watershed Health
    If the amount of bare ground on your rangeland is increasing, there could be problems with water quality. Learn a simple method of monitoring the vegetative cover on your land, so that you can recognize and correct problems before they affect the health o
  • Know Your Plants to Protect Your Watershed.
    Plants are the foundation of the range ecosystem. The plant species growing on a property can indicate the health of the watershed and the success of the land manager. Learn how to “read” your plants to understand the effect of your management.

West Texas Water Issues

  • Groundwater Conservation Districts
    This brochure defines the role of groundwater conservation districts and priority groundwater management areas. The powers and responsibilities of groundwater conservation districts are listed in bulleted format. A Texas map shows the extent of coverage o
  • Improving Rainfall Effectiveness on Rangelands
    Rainfall is a major limiting factor for livestock production on Texas rangelands. This brochure explains how to more effectively use water for forage production on rangelands, and how to reduce runoff, evaporation, soil erosion and undesirable weeds and b
  • Plugging Abandoned Water Wells
    This brochure explains the threat of abandoned water wells to groundwater resources and the responsibility and liability of Texas property owners. It offers information to landowners on ways to plug such wells.
  • Xeriscape – Landscape Water Conservation
    You can make your landscape both beautiful and water-efficient by xeriscaping. Topics covered include planning, soil preparation, plant selection, maintenance, watering, irrigation systems, mulching and mowing. There are lists of outstanding landscape pla

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